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The Tyrant's Daughter - J.C. Carleson At the wake of her father's death in a coup, Laila a 15 year old is forced to flee her war torn home in the Middle East to live in the United States with her younger brother and mother. She battles constantly with her mothers communication with CIA agents, making new friends, and the cultures differences between her old home and her new home.
The Tyrant's Daughter is the debut novel by former CIA officer J.C Carleson, and packs a mean emotional punch about the culture differences between two sides of the world. The novel will leave you both astonished and amazed by the deepness of the young adult novel that holds no boundary lines.

The entire novel is told in first person from, Laila's point of view and you get to understand what it's like to live in America through the eyes of an outside. Along the way Laila meets some pretty memorable characters who both deepen the plot and emotional stakes and widen the readers attention to the story. The characters that J.C Carleson sprinkle into the novel add emotional values to the story. Each character has something they are trying to cover up and when their secrets spill.

J.C Carleson manages to write a plot that's straight forward and to the point with a few plot twist along the way to the end. The plot is short and the novel isn't as long as your average book, but that doesn't cut away form the quality of the read at all.

I highly recommend this novel to any one who is interested in reading, and even thought the genre may be Young Adult, adults of all ages will still find this one enjoyable.