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The Martian - Andy Weir Originally posted on Paris Carter

After a tragic accident leaves Mark stranded on the harsh weather Mars. All of is crew mates believe he’s dead, there’s enough food to last him a little over a year, and NASA doesn’t have any plans on sending anybody back to Mars until four years.

Andy Weir strikes gold in this amazing sc-fi survival story of Mark Watney stuck on Mars with no plans of going home. The novel is told through third person and first person through Mark’s logs.

Through the many logs, we get to become close and live through the skin of Mark Watney as he tries his best to not kill himself while patiently awaiting for NASA to send help. If they ever found out he’s alive. The novel also jumps over to Earth and we get to the chance to meet several people as they constantly work on finding out if Mark’s alive or not.

Weir tells the novel through a layer of wit that can easily transform back into seriousness as the life threatening conditions commence. He also does an amazing job on immersing the reader into the world of science fiction by Mark doing equations and calculating how to survive, and firing away with the physics that goes into space missions. If any of it was true or not, it still delivers on making the story more believable.

Remember The Martian because I can easily see it becoming a summer blockbuster one day in the near future. The idea is genuine, fresh and is utterly entertaining. This novel is definitely a must read for any fan of the science fiction genre, and even if you are considering buying it, you couldn’t go possibly go wrong.

Final Score: 4.8/5

Note: I receivedthis novel from a publication for a honest review.