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White Like Milk, Red Like Blood

White Like Milk, Red Like Blood - Alessandro D'Avenia Originally Posted on Paris Carter

In Alessandro D'Avenia young adult romance White Like Milk, Red Like Blood, we follow Leo a sixteen year old boy, who sees the word through the eyes of color. White being the boring bland of the world why red is the brightness and beauty it has to share. The novels main focus on Leo as he starts to fall in love with a girl in his class Beatrice with the help of his best friend Silvia. But when Beatrice becomes ill with leukemia their future together might be all but over.

White like Milk, Red Like Blood is an beautiful romance novel written about Leo a strong well thought main character as he tries to fight and battle the al but true feelings of adolescent.

The plot is fun to read and watch as the multiple plot twist come underway, and all of the sub plots add to the novel making it all the more better to see Leo as he tries to talk to Beatrice. The plot with its twist and turns lets the reader see the good and bad sides of all of the characters have to offer.

The characters are the main part of this story. Each one of them are energetic and fun to watch as the plot unfolds. All of the characters both major and minor are well thought out and add to the novels greatness each having their own witty saying and traits that make them unique.

I would recommend White Like Milk, Red Like Blood to any young adult romance looking for a beautiful love story centered on a boy.

Final Score 4.7