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Sia - Josh Grayson Originally posted on Paris Carter

After waking up without a clue of where she is, Sia finds herself in the middle of a park without knowing her name. She lives homeless with the help of Carol, another homeless woman who’s nice enough to watch after her, as she lives the next few days of her life on the road. But when she gets hit by a car and her parents found out where she’s been living, her life returns from living on the street to living in a mansion with her famous movie director father and model mother.

Sia by Josh Grayson is a young adult novel about changing lifestyles and being the best you can be of yourself. But the characters we are both flat and undeveloped with a plot that barley captures the attention of the reader. The first two chapters are written wonderfully using an original and interesting story, but after it takes a turn for the worse and the reader is hit with cliche after cliche to the very end.

The characters in the novel our both flat and interesting. The main character, Sia, is slightly more original and brings some life to the novel, but doesn’t make up for all of the other lack luster minor characters. As in all other high school novels, you have the trio of girls who rule over the entire school, and date the star high school quarter back. Sia's friends fill both of the cliche with one being the queen bee, and the other one the nice person underneath her layer of cruel.

The plot is a simple liner novel without having much suspense, or any surprises that’ll catch you off guard except for the few in the beginning of the novel. The weak plot makes the lack luster characters stand out more. From the first chapter things seem to be at a wonderful start, but everything from Sia getting back with her parents starts to go downhill.

In conclusion, Sia isn’t a must by and even though it’s not the worst book I ever read, I still wouldn't recommend it as a purchase.

A little on the side note, the cover design of this novel is beautiful and everything from the light blue in the background to the 'Sia' written in the crisp san serif font. Whoever worked on this cover art did a wonderful job. (Amazon)

Final Score: 2/5