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The Woman Who Stopped Traffic

The Woman Who Stopped Traffic - Daniel Pembrey After being attacked by ads depicting underage women for sale, Clamor.us calls in Natalee to help the security team help the problem, so they can get more investors for their upcoming change to an IPO. But when the head of security is killed things turn for the worse, as Natalee and her coworkers try and figure out the puzzle with the help of the FBI between the sudden death and the sex trafficking adverts.
The Woman Who Stopped Traffic is centered on Natalee an alluring orphan, who recently moves in from the Bahamas to work for a small business Clamor.us as a head of security. At first The Woman Who Stopped Traffic starts off fast corporate thriller and builds up speed all the way to the climax.
Natalee is a strong complex character built with a shady background at a Seattle based business and all of the emotion she puts into the case, which she wants to eagerly solve. Using her keen security skills, Natalie is able to track down the problem to a new up and coming MMORPG, all of her friends dive into the online game and begin playing to unlock the puzzle of the sex traffic, which comes with a nice ending.
The puzzle will keep you guessing till the end. There are numerous amounts of characters who you think will be the villain, but Pembrey effortless keeps you on you on the hills of your toes with his cunning turns and introductions of characters.
The American West Coast setting is set up beautifully giving the illusion of real life with details making the entire scenes come to life. Pembrey also knows his way in and out of a business making the experience at Clamor.us both memorable and realistic bringing a larger depth to the throughout the novel.
The Woman Who Stopped Traffic is an alluring corporate thriller set around a strong characters and a stronger plot. I recommend this novel to anybody looking for a fast paced novel with twist till the end.