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Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker
Ten Tiny Breaths the first novel in K. A Tucker’s ground shattering series, we follow Kacey as she tries to repair her life my moving to Miami with her little sister, Livie, after a life altering event robs them of their mother, father, her boyfriend, and best friend.

Ten Tiny Breaths was a novel that I wouldn’t like from reading the first few of the pages, but after continue reading I was won over by the next few pages. The novel is poignant as we follow Kacey as she tries to make a new life for herself and her sister Livie in Miami after they had to leave their aunt and uncles house.

We meet a wide array of characters who have their own personalities and have their own past that most of them would like to keep hidden to themselves. But the most intriguing character besides Kacey,

Livie, and their neighbor, Storm, is Kacey’s love interest Trent who is also her neighbor. Trent is another well written character that has his entire past written that he tries so hard to keep away from Kacey at the risk of hurting her.

The plot is by far outstanding and is filled with numerous twist and turns that you will never see the ending coming until you are a few pages away from it, and even after it ends you will be wanting more. The pacing is quick and fast and the novel by itself is not that long, but every inch of the novel is amazing and I would recommended this novel to anyone looking for a great book to read in the romance, new adult fiction genres.

Ten Tiny Breaths is the first of a series by K. A Tucker called the Ten Tiny Breaths series with four altogether.