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The Reflections of Queen Snow White

The Reflections of Queen Snow White - David C. Meredith In this classic reimaging of the beloved fairy tale, Snow White, Dave Meredith, puts a spin on the tale focusing on Snow White as she is older and her daughter is getting married to a prince, but she is still coping over the loss of her husband Prince Charming.

Dave Meredith’s version of Snow White is mostly told in flashbacks as Snow White stares into the magical mirror and reflections on her past life. The novel is filled with vivid description that paints the world well and leaves it magical and mystical in the reader's mind. You won’t forget any of the scenes as the wild descriptions used will bounce throughout your mind, even when you put the novel down.

Snow White, in this version of the fairy tale is older and her character has developed over several years. With the extra time Dave gives her to live, we see her actions, mistakes, and success echo out and carve her into a totally different being than we remember from the classic fairy tale. Not to mention that all of the added characters in this tale have their own past that makes them wonderful additions that add to the novel.

Dave Meredith does an amazing job keeping the entire fresh and exploring the different parts of Snow White’s life that we haven’t seen all of the time in the fairy tale, while adding in a solid plot and characters to make the story even more memorable. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is interested as the novel is a great read.