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Martyr's Fire: Book 3 in the Merlin's Immortals series

Martyr's Fire: Book 3 in the Merlin's Immortals series - Sigmund Brouwer Originaly Posted on Paris Carter

In Sigmund Brouwer’s latest installment of his Merlin’s Immortals series, we follow Thomas as he escapes Magnus after a group of Priest of The Holy Grail come and take his kingdom. Thomas is only able to make a narrow escape with the help of Gervaise his lifelong friend. But on his journey to win back his kingdom Katherine and Hawkwood, two of Merlin’s last remaining protectors, follow closely behind him.

Martyr’s Fire the third book in the Merlin’s Immortals series is a fast paced medieval, action novel set in England on Thomas’s journey to win his kingdom back. Marty’s Fire is also acceptable and completely understandable to any of those who haven’t read the two earlier books in the series The Orphan King and Fortress of Mist.

The novel is short and only will take a few hours to read, but the plot makes up for that as it is always moving and advancing to the next scene and if you miss a few of the pages or skim through skipping paragraph you will be left behind. The fast paced action suits this novel well as a lot of events are able to happen within a small number of pages.

Thomas and Katherine are two well written characters and its interesting watching their relation grow and evolve as the journey moves forward, and they find themselves and terrible and undesirable conditions.

The plot is a sometimes dull and boring, but when the plot picks up the novel is amazing to read and it’s easy to get lost in Brouwer’s tremendous description as you venture through towns, villages, boats, and forest.

Martyr’s Fire is a great read for any of fantasy fans, who are tired of reading the usually long novels that come with the genre. The novel is only a few hours long, but is still able to provide a great fantasy experience.

Final Review: 3.5