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Drawn - Cecilia Gray Originally Posted at Paris Carter

In Cecilia’s Gray newest novel, we are following young teenage girl, Sasha, who has been passed from foster family to foster family as her gift to make anybody tell the truth with just a simple question becomes a burden hindering any long term home. But when the CIA recruits her away from her foster mother for three years, she’s sent to Brussels, Belgium to take down the notorious street-art kid.

Drawn by Cecilia Gray is great young adult novel that captures great characters blended with the struggles of actually being a teenager.

Even though Drawn sounds like a young adult novel centered around espionage and action packed, you won’t find too many heart racing, adrenaline filled scenes in this novel. Most of the focus is set on Sasha as she tries to adapt to her new life living in Belgium, connecting with the local kids at her high school. So if you were expecting a action packed novel, you might want to turn the other way.

An annoyance that bother me throughout the novel is the description that was great at the beginning part of the novel at the start as Cecilia describe Georgia in detail, but the moment the novel went to Belgium the description ran south and disappeared from the novel completely.

Sasha, our main character, is a well thought out character whose background propels her as a touching and moving character. But the well thought out characters go beyond Sasha into all of the other characters, who also are well thought out and are both relatable and lovable.

The novel is short and I was able to read the entire novel in less than four hours, but even for it being a quick novel it still pack a punch. I would recommend this novel to people who are looking for a great characters with an intriguing plot, but who aren’t looking for an action novel.

Final Score- 3.5/5