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Critical Reaction: A Novel - Todd  M. Johnson After an explosion at Hanford Nuclear Facility, many of the employees are injured, but Kieran Mullaney survives the blast and goes on to build a court case against the company to fully understand if they are holding back any secrets about the chemicals he was exposed to. He needs help if he’s ever going to win the case, so he goes to recently law graduate and old friend Emily Hart. Emily, having little courtroom experience, goes to her father Ryan who is a long term lawyer to get to the bottom of the secrets that happened during the explosions.
The last time I read a legal thriller (or anything close to one) was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and I hated every second of the slow rising climax, not to mention my English teacher playing the dull audio track to accompany to the novel. Todd M. Johnson’s legal thriller Critical Reaction pace is fast and action packed like you would think of any other thriller. It mixes fear, action, and mystery together well into a single novel. The characters are wonderful each having an amazing back story that adds to their depth and believability.
On one side of the novel you have the thriller, where you have the fast pace scenes filled with action and scenes leaving you with questions. The thriller side of the novel thrives the plot of the novel forward leaving the reader with on the edge of their seats, bed, chair, or wherever you’re reading at.
On the other side of the novel you have all of the subplots that interconnect through head swapping from character to charter every few chapters. This is the side of the novel where you see the characters start to gain their depth and fell more realistic, realistic to the point where you feel as if the characters are real and you can feel them.
Critical Reaction, is another wonderful novel from Todd M. Johnson, who has captured fans young and old with his legal thrillers. I recommend this novel to anyone who loves legal thrillers, fans of Johnson’s previous novel Deposit Slip, and anybody interested in reading this novel. This novel will not be for everyone since some people find reading a novel set around building a legal case to take to court boring.
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