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A Man Called Blessed (The Caleb Books Series)

A Man Called Blessed (The Caleb Books Series) - Ted Dekker, Bill Bright Originally posted on Paris Carter

Before I begin I would like to thank Book Sneeze for providing me this book. Even though I’ve been provided this novel it won’t affect my scoring of this novel.

Rebecca is a Jew from Israel, who is after the Arc of the Covenant to bring back to Israel, then the Israelis will rebuild the Temple of Solomon as a Jewish landmark instead of a Mosque for the Muslims. But to find the Arc of the Covenant she must get Caleb to tell her the location, before the Islamic fundamentalist are able to stop her from rebuilding the temple.

A Man Called Blessed by Ted Dekler is a wonderful novel centering on Rebecca and Caleb as they race through Ethiopia to find The Arc of The Covenant and get it back to Jerusalem. The novel has strong, relatable characters and a plot full of twist and turns.

Rebecca is a wonderfully well thought out character, who is strong. Readers will be able to relate easily to Rebecca and her harsh past in Jerusalem. Caleb is also a well thought out character who is traveling with Rebecca for most of the novel. He, unlike Rebecca, is on a spiritual journey and even though sometimes he’s a little crazy at moments. He’s an enjoyable character.

What makes the story the most memorable is not the characters, but the plot itself. There are a lot of twist and turns along the way to get the Arc from betrayal to ambushes. Everything that happens throughout the novel catches me off guard. Ted Decker does an amazing job on making this novel a page turner all the way to the very end.

I recommend this novel to anyone who is interested, and to readers of all ages. The novel is wonderful and is first a thriller, and second a spiritual journey to find hope and faith.