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The Waves

The Waves - Jen Minkman The Waves, a sequel to The Island takes place during the same time period as The Island does but focuses on the events through Walt as he lives in Hope Harbor, the opposite side of the wall as Leia, with his widowed father.

The Waves, is an amazing novella by Jen Minkman taking everything that happened in book one and telling them through the eyes of Walt. It fixes the weak plot, unrealistic characters, and choppy dialogue and brings forth a solid plot, interesting characters, and smooth dialogue while also further explaining the events in book one.

Minkman’s narrative voice grows and her paragraphs turn from short and quick to thick and elegant. Describing scenes with whopping descriptions and verbs that makes the scenes vibrant with color.

The plot is entertaining as you discover more about what’s happening on the other side of the wall, even though everyone is more civilized you can still see the conflict everyone is having about whether believing in the bookkeeper or not. The sense of an internal conflicts make the city actually feel realistic and you can see the conflicts in real life with real cities and countries.

The same as in book one, the pacing is set fast as it starts from the day Walt starts questioning the temple all the way until he meets Leia from the other side. The pacing seems natural and it doesn’t seem to be so fast where you get left behind and lost, but can understand all of the events clearly.

The Waves, is a great novella that anyone who is slightly interested in reading should pick up, and should be able to understand most of the plot and back story without having to read book one, The Island. I am looking forward to reading Minkman’s future novels and novellas in the future.