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Carrie - Stephen King Carrie, from the first flip to the first page, is down-right scary. The first scene is sick and twisted and propels you into the traumatizing life of Carrie, a teenager girl whose peers pick on her for being weird one, and her profound religious mother.
I do have to agree on the fact some of the characters do feel a little cliché, making that my reason on giving this novel four stars. You have the popular girl who loves to pick on the other kids, the rich girl who throws all of the parties that the locals come to, the girl who has a change of heart after reflecting her actions. Those kind of one-dimensional characters.
But even in the light of knowing this story has cliché characters that you don’t quite get to really feel for, you’ll still be sitting bone terrified as you learn more and more about “The Black Prom”.
This is my first time doing a review for a book, do you have any tips for me to improve? Leave your tips as comments below!