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Dear Mr. Knightley - Katherine Reay Originally posted on Paris Carter

Written as a crap load of letters to Mr. Knightley, a pen name for a donator helping Samantha Moore get through graduate school, Dear Mr. Knightley tells the tale of Samantha as she tries to get through grad school and all of the endeavors she gets into along the way. With references to the many works of Jane Austin. The letters she writes accounts her struggles with passing her journalism class, helping Kyle another orphan, trying to hold a steady relationship, and most importantly trying to find out the many secrets that Alex, a successful novelist holds.

Dear Mr. Knightly can easily be described as a romance with many Jane Austin’s asides throughout the novel. This novel will make any Jane Austin fan coo over the references to the first page all the way to the end. But even if Jane Austin isn’t your favorite author or that you haven’t read any Jane Austin book in your entire life, don’t worry this novel still has a lot to offer to you.

The plot is amazing and filled with twist and turns that will leave you’re guessing the entire way, and all of the characters that you get to meet along the way makes the surprises and the twist even more enjoyable. The ending is by far nothing you will ever imagine.

Throughout the span of the 328 pages, you’ll fall in love with the many characters who feel realistic and have problems of their own that Samantha try her best to solve. But your main joy will come from watching Samantha relationships grow, collapse, and revive themselves.

This is Katherine Reay’s debut novel, but she already has an amazing voice and can make any scene come to life, a promising author in the romance genre. This novel is a must buy to any Jane Austin fan and a must read to anybody who is a fan of the romance genre.

Final Score 4.2/5

Note: This review was given to me from Thomas Nelson for a open honest review.